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Skyentia offers unique and unparalleled services in van conversions and outfitting for all types of outdoor adventures and van life. As an alpine climber, ultramarathon runner, and engineer, I enjoy discussing how to optimize your van for your needs. Also as a former surgeon and critical care physician, I enjoy athletic consultations regarding sports medicine, wilderness medicine, high altitude medicine, training injuries, sports nutrition, sports physiology, and everything else under the sun. Skyentia also continues to expand services to meet more specialized needs.

Skyentia began as a biotechnology company (named after the Latin word for knowledge, "scientia"), but after selling the rights to its main technologies and intellectual property, I decided to convert and build my first sprinter van, and in this process I discovered an entirely new passion. I had always expressed my creativity and innovation through scientific endeavors, but never expected this could manifest in van conversions as well!

Several events in my life seem to have prepared me perfectly for this work:
     1) I am a climber and explorer at heart and ideally wanted a van I could live in off the grid.
     2) during my college summers I had worked construction on homes and apartment complexes in California, learning all the tools and skills of the construction trade.
     3) through my courses in electrical, mechanical, and biomedical engineering I obsessed over every excruciating detail in the process of design.
     4) through my physics and engineering programs I became very skilled in the machine shop and many other technical skills.
     5) due to having no money in my youth (and well beyond grad school in fact haha) I was always fixing my own cars (including a complete dismantle of an engine as well as replacing my alternator on the way to the hospital one time... fun story).
However, after some major health setbacks, and with a lack of funding for my research work, I figured I could bring this skill set to others who also hope to create their own dream mobile home.

Although I still work as a professor, I try to make time to help others with their projects (especially in the summer). Whether you want a complete build, major upgrades, or just need help with small projects, minor modifications, or tiny fixes, I can help achieve your goals. See the Sprinter page for some examples and ideas of work I have done. For any van work, photography, filming, or drone projects, please contact You can also follow along on Instagram and Youtube: