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Skyentia Technologies
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Skyentia Technologies offers unique and unparalleled services in medicine, science, and technical considerations. We continue to expand our services to meet more specialized needs.


Neuroprotective Assays:

We offer a reliable assay to screen and analyze neuroprotective agents and their potential therapeutic effects in vitro. For more information, please contact


Consulting Services:

Skyentia Technologies offers consulting services in many areas, including:

1) biotechnology research, medical device design, product analysis and testing, product distribution, medical systems, therapeutic strategies
2) investment analysis, market analysis, due diligence analysis for venture capital and investment firms, and business management consultation

With access to professionals such as scientists, physicians, engineers, business professionals, public relations consultants, international relations experts, and many others, we are enabled to assist with many projects, questions, and endeavors. We provide services for institutions, companies, government agencies, hospitals, researchers, law firms, investors, and individuals. Please send inquiries to


Research and Business Services:

Are you a university professor or researcher looking to develop your technology in private industry while still maintaining full ownership of your idea? Our research facilities provide resources to incubate and develop your idea in preparation for translating it to the marketplace. We are interested in helping support small startups and SBIR and STTR applicants, including providing assistance with R&D facilities, equipment, intellectual property protection, FDA approval processes, administrative and accounting requirements, and venture capital and funding mechanisms for your project. For more information please email

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